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Tyre Services We Offer

We offer tyre services to customers in Dalby and surrounding areas.

Wheel Alignment

We precisely measure and position the wheels on your vehicle to make sure that you get the most out of your tyres. When set correctly, wheel alignment will help keep your car or truck running safely and efficiently.

Here at Dalby Tyres our 6 Tonne Hoist and 3D Wheel aligner can handle vehicles from small cars to Dodge Rams, F Trucks, Toyota Coaster buses and light commercial vehicles.

Our equipment is new and well maintained for consistent accuracy. We have several team members with experience in vehicle alignments. 

How often should you need to get vehicles wheel alignment checked?

10,000 to 20,000 kms is recommended or if new tyres are fitted or if any steering or suspension parts are replaced, or you may have hit a bad pot hole or kerb.

Wheel Balancing

At Dalby Tyres, we offer a premium balance service. Our professional wheel balancing services ensure that the weight of your tyres is distributed evenly to avoid any kind of vibration and premature tyre wear.

A proper wheel balancing will extend your tyres life, increase performance and safety.

Tyre Rotation

Depending on the type of your vehicle and the tyres fitted, we will swap the rear and front wheels on each side and rebalance your vehicle to ensure even tyre wear and extend the lifespan of those tyres.

Puncture Repairs

Using industry approved procedures, our trained tyre technicians provide both minor and major puncture repairs. We understand that for most people it is not easy to know if your tyre is repairable or not. If you have a problem with your tyres, come in, or call us for expert advice and assistance.

Solid Filling Tyres

Solid filling tyres are commonly used in industries that require work to be performed on rough surfaces where frequent flat tyres are a problem. Solid filling tyres are immune to punctures and will never run flat if punctured or cut.

On Farm Field Service

Dalby Tyres has a vast knowledge of the agricultural tyre industry, we have accredited earthmover field service technicians with the appropriate tickets required to do any earthmover replacement or repairs.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to keep famers moving on the field. We have been servicing farmers’ tyre needs since 2004 and we can help you find the right tyre that works best in all situations and environments.

All Fleet Servicing

At Dalby Tyres, we have years of experience providing comprehensive fleet tyre management and services for a wide range of vehicle operators. Our professional technicians will always look after your fleet. Whether it is large or small, we can provide you with exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.
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Located at 1 McGahan Street, Dalby, QLD, Dalby Tyres provide full tyre and wheel services for all car makes and models. When shopping with Dalby Tyres, we guarantee professional tyre and wheel services.
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Dalby Tyres is a family owned business that has been servicing the greater Qld area since 2004. We offer top quality tyres from the most trustworthy tyre brands like Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama and more.
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